Financial Assistance

Fees / Financial Help for abortion pill at abortion clinic in Chicago

Abortion Financial Assistance

At Chicago Women’s, we are dedicated to providing safe and legal abortion pill care regardless of a woman’s financial situation. There are organizations that offer financial help.

We work with multiple funding sources:

Call to speak with one of our experienced phone personnel to find out about the funding.


  • Payment is due at time of service
  • We accept cash, and all major credit cards. Cardholder must be present.
  • No personal checks
  • There is a non-refundable fee for your ultrasound — $150
What they had to say

~ patient comments ~

Chicago Women's Health abortion clinic patient forms.

Felt so comfortable

I was so nervous and extremely anxious. Every step of the way the staff made me feel so comfortable, and that I was surrounded by friends.” –  Vanessa M.

Patient comment abortion clinic Chicago Women's Health

They really care

They really care about your mental/emotional state in this clinic and the counselor’s and nurses walk you through the process every step of the way.” — Sam B.

patient comment at Chicago Women's Health Organization

Judgment free atmosphere

Thank you to all the staff members and Doctor for helping me. It’s not the best of circumstances but I truly appreciate their calmness and judgment free atmosphere.” – Dani B.

patient comment at Chicago Women's Health Organization in Chicago

Supportive Staff

Staff make you feel safe and secure and they are supportive. All the things you need for a difficult situation..” – Anita R.

Patient comment at Chicago Women's Health abortion clinic.

Absolutely amazing

I can’t thank this staff enough for being absolutely amazing during my procedure.” – Regina C.

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