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What to expect

What to expect for an abortion at Chicago Women's Health abortion clinic in Chicago, IL.

What to expect upon arrival

To put you at ease, we have summarized what to expect upon arrival at our medical clinic.

Be Patient

Because it takes time to give every woman individual attention before, during, and after the abortion, plan to be at the center a couple of hours, depending on your length of pregnancy, medical history, and choice of medication. We are primarily concerned with all patients’ well-being and we’re sure you would agree that should not be jeopardized to save time.


You will be warmly greeted by a receptionist who will ask you to complete some admissions and medical history forms. To save time print, complete and bring with you the PATIENT FORMS.

All Fees will be collected in the full amount on the day of your visit. If you decide not to complete the process, a non-refundable fee of $150 will be deducted from total paid. This fee is for your sonogram only. All other monies paid will be refunded to you.


All patients will receive an ultrasound or sonogram to determine the length of pregnancy. This will be done either abdominally (on patient’s belly) or vaginally (small wand is inserted into your vagina). Your technician may do one or both and will decide at the time of the ultrasound based on what can be seen on the screen.

Patient Education

After your ultrasound, a staff member will review your medical history with you.

You will receive informational and supportive counseling before proceeding. All information received is educational in nature.

The counselors give frank information about the abortion process itself, including interpretation of medical terminology. All risks are explained and an informed consent is signed. Options available to the patient are discussed. You will be able to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have at that time.


Eligibility for abortion procedures is up to the physician performing the abortion. Patients traveling great distances should have their pregnancy confirmed by a pregnancy test before making the appointment. Any information concerning the pregnancy should be brought to the clinic.

We use our physician’s pelvic exam, the date of the patient’s last normal menstrual period (LMP), and a sonogram to confirm eligibility.

Be aware of Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) and steer clear of them.

Chicago abortion clinic Chicago Women's Health Organization welcomes all patients seeking abortions.

Chicago Women’s Health Organization specializes in the Abortion Pill also known as a medication abortion up to 11 weeks.

Our staff follows the strictest confidentiality guidelines to insure your privacy. We maintain a friendly atmosphere with patient-care monitored at the highest professional level. Our licensed physicians specialize in abortion care and are assisted by compassionate licensed nurses, laboratory technicians, and trained counselors. We comply with Illinois state regulations and local medical standards. We are an abortion pill clinic in Chicago, Illinois.

We are a #REALCLINIC. Learn about fake clinics.

Chicago Women’s is partnered with The Pink House Fund. If you are looking for financial assistance, visit their website or click here to learn more info.

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What they had to say

~ patient comments ~

Chicago Women's Health abortion clinic patient forms.

Felt so comfortable

I was so nervous and extremely anxious. Every step of the way the staff made me feel so comfortable, and that I was surrounded by friends.” –  Vanessa M.

Patient comment abortion clinic Chicago Women's Health

They really care

They really care about your mental/emotional state in this clinic and the counselor’s and nurses walk you through the process every step of the way.” — Sam B.

patient comment at Chicago Women's Health Organization

Judgment free atmosphere

Thank you to all the staff members and Doctor for helping me. It’s not the best of circumstances but I truly appreciate their calmness and judgment free atmosphere.” – Dani B.

patient comment at Chicago Women's Health Organization in Chicago

Supportive Staff

Staff make you feel safe and secure and they are supportive. All the things you need for a difficult situation..” – Anita R.

Patient comment at Chicago Women's Health abortion clinic.

Absolutely amazing

I can’t thank this staff enough for being absolutely amazing during my procedure.” – Regina C.

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